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Omni Industries BV is a reliable source for material of the largest HC FeMn producer in Russia: Satka  Metallurgical Mill ( JSC “Satka Chugunoplavilny Zavod” - short Satka or SChPZ).
Since a number of years the name Omni Industries B.V. has become know as a reliable intermediary between Satka and end-users on the EC markets, Scandinavia, Asia, USA and the Middle East.

Satka produces 100 000 tpy HC Ferromanganese, which is supplied to local and international markets.
Satka sources its ore requirements from controlled sources worldwide and coking coal is sourced locally in Russia.
Satka has more than proven itself in the last years to be a reliable supplier of consistently good quality low Phosporous HC Ferromanganese. Hence it was qualified ISO 9001:2001 on the 2nd of June 2008. The mill celebrates its 250th anniversary in November 2008.
From the famous Russian metallurgical heartland in the Ural Mountains to your millsí doorstep - we live up to the challenge and meet your requirements for dependable quality and delivery performance.

We welcome all steel partners for cooperation.

We ship worldwide and have permanent stocks in The Netherlands in the Rotterdam port for our consumers’ comfort.

Satka - a reliable source of high-quality HC Ferromanganese (low phosphorus)
Satka - guaranteed sustained quality to meet any demand
Satka - the market leader in Russia for innovative and environmentally responsible entrepreneurship
Satka - 250 years of continuous technological innovation
Satka - in the avantguard of the New Russia

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