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Producer: Satka Metallurgical Mill (JSC ‘SChPZ’), Satka (Chelyabinsk Region), Russian Federation.
Our stock is tested by independent and renowned surveyors and we will supply the Analysis Certificates upon your request.

High Carbon Ferromanganese Low Phosphorous
Typical Specifications:

Typical Quality:
Mn76% min
Si1% or 1.5% max as per
customer requirements
C7.0% max
P0,15% max
S0.03 % max
Size10-50 mm - 90 %
PackingBig bags of 1 or 2mt or bulk
Fines High Carbon Ferromanganese
Typical Specifications:

Typical Quality:
Mn65% min - 74% max
Si2.2% max
C7.0% max
P0,15% max
S0.03% max
Size0 mm - 3 mm
Moisture 1 %
PackingBig bags of 1 or 2mt
At Buyers’ request we can deliver also sizes:

10-80 mm     10-100 mm
10-150 mm    50-150 mm

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