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In the times of Russian Tsarina Anna by order of the Berg-Collegium (the Ministry of Mines) dated the 14th of November 1756 a piece of land in the South Ural mountains was dedicated to building a Pig Iron Smelting Plant.
Where the rivers Small Satka and Big Satka meet a certain Baron Stroganov bought a plot of land for 200 rubles, where water, energy resources and minerals were abundantly available. As a result, in 1758, the first pig iron was produced in Satka.
Satka Metallurgical Mill (Satka Chugunoplavilny Zavod) was one of the biggest metallurgical works in the Southern Urals in those days, producing 960mt in 1759 and 42 986mt in 1913. A hydroelectrical power station was added to the mill in later stages. During the Napoleontic War, The First and Second World War, Satka contributed to the war effort by producing granates and bombs. In the afterwar years Satka has contibuted to the local community by building condominia (which are heated with energy from its power station) as well as a school and a kindergarten.
In Soviet times Satka was the only mill in Russia that could pride itself in having received the GOST 805- certification for its pig-iron.

At present Satka operates on two blast furnaces and many parts of the production process have been updated and renewed and this process continues as we speak. These efforts were rewarded with an ISO 9001:2001 certificate on the 2nd of June 2008 (Certificate # RU227146), which is especially rewarding since the mill celebrates its 250th anniversary in November 2008!

The mill switched to the production of High Carbon Ferromanganese in 2002, due to drastic changes in the economic structure in Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union (which will have escaed nobodies attention).
At present the mill focuses its attention on matters of optimizing the use of non-replacable energy sources and technological innovation of the production process as well as making optimal use of local energy and mineral resources in the Ural Mountain area. Satka is researching and developing possibilitiet for innovation and diversification of production.
The 2007 production figures show that Satka has accumilated considerable expertise and know-how in blast-furnace operations, which ranks the Mill among the one of most efficient mangnagese coverters. Satka has set up an exchange of information with the several of the world best specialist on further improvement of the manganese yield. Please refer to the products page for HC FeMn-specifications.
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